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Reminder: Act now to keep your BBC Account

- our privacy policy has been updated & this will affect your account
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Changes to your BBC account
We emailed you recently to let you know that we'll be closing down your BBC account unless you take action by September 27th.

We really don't want to see you go, but we're closing your account because it has been over a year since you have used it, and we want to ensure that we do not keep your data for longer than we need to.

To keep your account open, please sign in before September 27th. After then, you'll need to register with us again. You can sign in by going to bbc.co.uk and following the pages to your BBC account, or by clicking on the link below.
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Why should I sign in?

If you haven't signed in to your BBC account, you unfortunately won't be able to access some key features, including:
  • Watching and listening to programmes on BBC iPlayer & BBC iPlayer Radio
  • Voting online on shows like Strictly Come Dancing
  • Saving programmes to enjoy later
  • Getting personalised recommendations
  • And for international account users, as well as UK users, you won't be able to comment on news stories or receive emails you've subscribed to (where they are linked to your account).
If you need any assistance, please visit our BBC account help pages

About your Data

The BBC's Privacy Promise covers how we treat your data, and puts you in control of what happens to it. It is based around transparency, choice and trust, and you can read more about it at Using the BBC.
If you are concerned that this is not a genuine email sent from the BBC, we have created an FAQ page on our website explaining why you are receiving it.
All the best,

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I ddarllen yr e-bost yma yn Gymraeg, cliciwch yma

You're receiving this transactional email message because you registered for a BBC account. Unless you've signed up for any BBC newsletters, we'll only email you if we need to contact you about changes to your account.

Please note that BBC accounts for children are designed exclusively for users in the UK. These accounts are not suitable for children outside the UK.

This email is sent from an automated account which is not monitored and so we're unable to respond to replies to this email. If you have any questions about your account, you'll find lots of useful info on our FAQs page.

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